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Complete all of your pre-licensing requirements with our home study self-paced textbook program.


Prepare for 3 pre-licensing courses with easy-to-comprehend material and assistance from the Realty Academy.  Take as much time as you want  for up to one year from enrollment. No rush. Study at your own pace. Access your classes from the comfort of your home with preparatory materials and a manageable schedule.

VIDEO Package

    • Study and learn at your own pace so you can keep up on your own time with your own learning abilities.

    • Online Access: Course material is provided in E-Book format, accessible on your PC, tablet, or another electronic device. Take your studies with you wherever you go.

    • Final exams are taken online and are open-book.

    • Flexible Timing that Fits Your Schedule: Complete each course in as little as 18 days or take up to 1 year from the date of registration to complete 

    •  3 Pre-licensing courses that meet the DRE educational requirements for sales licensing. 

    •  Online access to state exam study material - 1-year access to simulated timed exams, practice exams with answers, and flashcard feature to help you prepare for the state exam.

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