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Becoming a CA Real Estate Agent
What is required to get a real estate license?
The basic requirements are you must be at least 18 years of age, a legal US citizen or resident alien and honest.  You also need to complete 3 Pre-Requisite courses, complete an application which includes a background and PASS a state exam.  The Realty Academy helps you with every step and we are committed to your success!
How long does it take?
On average from program registration to sitting for the state exam takes about 3 1/2 months.  However, a lot depends on you and how quickly you complete the requirements and move through the process toward your goal of becoming a Real Estate Agent.  The Realty Academy offers the fastest possible route with the most support of any other school.
How much does it cost?
We offer several programs for completing the educational requirements.  You can review all of them by choosing the "courses" link above. Our VIP Program is $699.00
Do you offer PRIVATE ONE ON ONE?
Yes, we do. Just schedule right on our website or call us (818)715-0088
Can I talk to someone for more detailed information?
Just call us (818)715-0088, yes we like to talk to students.  
The Realty Academy 
Why choose The Realty Academy?

Well, the first reason is because you want to PASS the first time.  Our students just plain crush the state exam.  More importantly they learn so much more about the Real Estate Business and the LIVE program connects them with industry pros, tons of resources and most importantly prepares them to hit the ground running as they start their Real Estate Business!  Our entire team is committed to helping you meet your real estate goals beyond just passing the state exam.

Do our programs meet the educational requirements set by the Department of Real Estate?
Yes.  All courses offered by the Realty Academy are approved by the Department of Real Estate and meet their educational requirements.
How soon can you get started?
Give us a call and get started today!
Where are we located?
The Realty Academy is located at: 5850 Canoga Avenue Suite #210 Woodland Hills, CA  91367.
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