Insightful Information On How To Get Real Estate License In California


If you are wondering how to get a Real Estate license in California, CBI Real Estate School will help you achievegetting your license.
In order to get a California real estate license, you need be the legal resident of California, be at least 18 years of age, and need to pass a background check.

Before taking the California real estate license exam, you must complete 3 college level courses which are collectivelycalled pre-licensing courses. The two mandatory courses include Real Estate Principles and Real Estate Practice. The third course is elective and you can choose any one from the list of approved courses.  CBI Real Estate School is specialized in offering these courses in the best possible manner at an affordable fee. Pre-Licensing courses offered are taught by an experienced professional so that you can enrich your knowledge in the real estate industry.

As CBI Real Estate School equips you with plenty of real estate study materials, you can always have excellent resources at your disposal. Simplify the process of getting a license by taking courses at CBI Real Estate School.